Coming Down The Stretch

What A Time To Be Alive. This is crazy, who would have thought that I would make it this far. College is such a struggle and success all in one. Throughout my years in school I have continued to be more successful, gain more guidance and faith in God, and appreciate the people I meet and the experience of being in a different place than home. This experience of college teaches you a lot about yourself, helps you see who is really in your circle and mainly what patience is. I am still pursing my degree and as now I have 1 year left until my goal is achieved.  March has came and gone so fast and we are already going on the fourth month of the year. I feel more and more ready to purse my basketball career and there is only one thing left to do, play division one basketball. If I am able to do that, then it will help my exposure with scouts. being patient is key, but never settling is key too. Know yourself and know your worth.

“Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.”

-Eric Thomas



This semester is pretty nice so far. The classes I am taking are not too difficult, while out of the four that I am taking, one has only homework and no test, while the other has only listening parts of test and no homework. This is a big semester and since my credits from Dakota State were not all accepted when I came here last year, this will be my first semester as a senior and one step closer to my graduation. I have a lot of work to do and this is only the beginning to new ones. I am currently looking to transfer again to make sure I don’t regret not just going after my dreams and worry about the extra take-ons later. Happy to be here on this earth, thankful God has blessed me to continue to strive to better myself as his son and through him, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Peace and Love. February 2019- blessed to be 22.

The mind replays what the Heart can’t delete..

There are many things to say about how this year has inspired me, challenged me,  and helped me grow. There are many people I have met, many people who I had to let go not because I necessarily wanted to but I’ve outgrown them or it was just the end of that time with them. See you learn in life that some people are here for you through better or worse and some were brought to you by God for better or worse. Every year I hear the same messages on social media, in person from friends, in school, etc. I don’t want a repeat of things, I want need success, goals, challenges, and much more. Everything that is challenging me to make it to my dream that not everyone believes drives me every single day. All the doubt and all of the let downs have only brought me to remember “That, that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.” It’s a blessing to have my parents, siblings, and family all in my ear. All of this leads me to say that 2019 isn’t a year that I say what I want and will do, but only my actions will reflect the true heart I have from test that God will put in front of me. Pain is a temporary thing and it’s there for only a short amount of time, it leads to goals being achieved and a blessed life to remember. For all of my Loved ones either previous or present , life is going to change for me andmy significant other, and my family in a a major way. Thank you God for bringing me into this world in 1997 and make it through 2018 and praying for the same with me and my family in 2019. I feel it coming and I can’t wait, to many more blessings and growth. Let’s Go!

Family is everything.

Be with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.

“Appreciate the little things in life, those are what matter most.”

Sometimes I have to remind myself on my worst day, I live like somebody on their greatest.

Unselfishness, getting better everyday as a man, Man if God, and be more than what they see!

#Growth&Grind #WishIt #DreamIt #DoIt




It’s already November. Man, how fast that came, its crazy. First semester is almost over and all I can say is another one almost down and that much closer to graduating. With how much money and loans that go into being a college student, I can understand why now when I was in high school people would say “I don’t know if I am going to college or NO I am not going”.

These are very reason as to why. It is tough trying to pay for school without scholarships and that’s why I feel like each person encouraging young people to go to college, which they should, should give them the best option to save as much money as possible. It would be great if everyone had the opportunity to get full rides, but for some reason its not the case. College should be FREE! It would be so nice. Instead, I get charged for textbooks that I don’t either buy or rarely use because most classes I haven’t need them.

All I want is to Graduate and never look back. I love what I have experienced and am very blessed with the people that have met and built valuable relationships with and the struggles I had to go through to know how to handle certain situations whether in the past or present. It’s all a blessing, but I am ready to strive for my ultimate goal of being in the NBA.

My basketball season has started. My first game was in Saturday, November 3rd, 2018. It was a good game for the team. WE WON. As many teams know, even with great wins you can be happy and proud and there are things to be fixed. We can work on our Rebounding, defense, offensive transition, and Free-throws. If we can balance out and everyone just know their roles we can win every game. Individually, I had 22 pts (points), 4 Reb (rebounds), 6ast (assist), 6 TOs (turnovers). I have to make sure that I take care of the ball as the Point Guard and leader of the team. I know I can do better and take it as a lesson and not as just something negative.

In life you must appreciate your negatives because they can only help you critique yourself and grow. Those losses create opportunities to win. I will finish out my semester strong and continue to gain all the knowledge out of every day, class, relationship, and experience that I have or will go through.

God Bless, Until next time- JoBreil Powell

Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be!     – ERIC THOMAS


Knocked down, to get Back Up

Throughout this past month a lot went on. Assignments and more assignments came constantly. My first test in Art class didn’t turn out the way i expected, but it will help me towards the end of the semester on how to prepare better for test. My Mass Media Law class is consisting with a lot of legal issues that I was not before knowledgeable with. I am learning the things that I once told myself before wouldn’t be impact or important for my future. There are certain laws that apply to similar or the same situations, but some have certain circumstances that you must pay attention to, so that in a case you are not confused about what the outcome ends up being. Intro to sociology makes me think a lot more than I expected because throughout the study of social problems whether that shows the scenarios for a group of people who are homeless, job-less, or where certain people are placed at in terms of social class. This past week on Tuesday I started practices with my team on I was able to get back to my original position as a Point Guard. I ca feel that this year I will take on a even more impactful role as a leader. This month of October has come fast and I can honestly say I am ready to be done with college. At the end of the day, its all about patience and working towards and achieving short term goals. I am excited and know I the furthest thing from perfect.

Back In TOPEKA, For 2018-2019.

It was a long and very nice summer with my family. Had a great time seeing my parents, grandparents, siblings, etc…FAMILY. There is nothing like family time for me . I love being around them, they are able to give me motivation , knowledge, and remind me everyday where I came from and why I do what I do. I decided not to transfer again because I am excited to silence the doubters. This grind and approach that I have will be different than last year, more hours in the gym, consistency, and motivation, which has always been there regardless of what the past has given me. I put my trust in God and I know he brought me back here for a reason, so with that being said. No wining, no complaining, JUST STRICTLY WORK..WORK…WORK. I am excited and thank God for another year coming and still keep everything moment by moment. TOPEKA, I”M BACK.

“A breakthrough is that 90% is Work, but the last 10% THAT’S FIGHT. -Eric Thomas

You may regret a lot of things but you’ll never regret the Sacrifices you make to reach Success!!! -Eric Thomas

Year Finally OVER!

This has been a challenging journey. They say God puts his strongest soldiers up against anything because he/she can withstand the challenge. This is my second school and academically it has been a success with another year of no failed classes, being able to hoop but limited due to favoritism. With me going through all of this I just know in the end I will smile because God has me and will guide me in the right direction. So let me just say thank you God for not just the school year, but each and everyday you wake me up and give me the strength to keep going. NO matter the obstacles I will MAKE IT. BEST BELIEVE IT. Its time to become Great, no more being average. BE GREAT! On to the next chapter.

Stop being AVERAGE. You’re not even good, you were born to be GREAT. – Eric Thomas